What is Carbon?

The core of decentralized financial markets

What is Carbon?

Carbon is a decentralized cross-chain financial protocol, built as a scalable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain.

Carbon is designed to support scalable and secure trading of derivatives and sophisticated financial instruments such as options, futures and bonds.

Carbon is built using the Cosmos-SDK which runs on top of the Tendermint Core consensus engine, to accomplish fast finality, high transaction throughput and short block times (~1.9 seconds).

Carbon is also fully EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible via Ethermint, an open-source Cosmos app-module.

The Carbon blockchain has two main components: Carbon Core and Carbon EVM.

Carbon Core

Carbon Core consists of various native modules written in native code (e.g. Golang) instead of a virtual machine. This implementation securely enables features in a scalable manner such as:

These features are demonstrated in dApps such as Demex.

Carbon EVM

The EVM component of Carbon allows anyone to deploy EVM-based smart contracts written in Solidity, Vyper, etc. on Carbon.

These user-deployed smart contracts can either:

  • operate independently via the cross-compatible ICS-20 (Carbon native) <> ERC-20 tokens, or

  • interoperate with Carbon's in-built DeFi & trading modules to run as a scriptable, permissionless layer on top of the core protocol.

This EVM module also exposes a fully compatible Web3 JSON-RPC, and allows users to perform any action via both Cosmos and EVM formatted transactions. This means that users and developers can use popular Ethereum wallets and clients (e.g. MetaMask, HardHat, etc.) to interact with Carbon without additional effort.

This also means that developers can leverage existing Ethereum ecosystem tools and libraries to deploy smart contracts which can interact with the rest of the Cosmos ecosystem via IBC hooks.


Some ideas of possible EVM smart contracts are:

  • Binary options protocol - using Carbon EVM in-built oracle smart contract

  • Trustless DCA bot - via Carbon order making smart contract

  • Decentralized trading stragegies bot - via Carbon order making smart contract

Don't stop there - the sky is the limit!

Looking to build for Carbon or on Carbon EVM? Apply for the Carbon Ecosystem Fund and kickstart your journey with Carbon today!

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