Alliance Module

Fostering economic alliances

Alliance is an open-source Cosmos SDK module that leverages interchain staking to form economic alliances among blockchains.

With Alliance, the assets of other Alliance chains can be staked on Carbon, creating a mutually-beneficial economic partnership through interchain staking.

How Alliance Works

Assets can be originated on one chain, bridged through IBC, and staked on a chain with the Alliance module. Once staked, the asset will start accruing staking rewards (as long as the reward delay period has passsed).

Like SWTH assets, Alliance assets can be staked, unstaked, or redelegated to different validators. Alliance assets are also subject to an unbonding period after unstaking.

To the user, staking an Alliance asset is as seamless as staking SWTH.

Please refer to the following links for more information on:

Alliance Assets

To access the list of Alliance assets whitelisted on Carbon, along with their corresponding parameters, click here.

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