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There are two main formats for Carbon governance proposals.

Carbon Improvement Proposals (CIP)

Protocol changes or improvements to the protocol should be done by first submitting a CIP on Carbon's governance portal.

The following guides detail how you can then submit an on-chain proposal, or vote on one:

How To Submit A ProposalHow To Structure CIPsHow Vote on a Proposal

Carbon Development Fund (CDF)

The Carbon Development Fund (CDF) is an on-chain community fund for community development and ground-up projects.

True decentralization can only be achieved when developmental aspects are not fully reliant on a central entity. As such, this fund was implemented to accelerate developmental growth of Carbon. The CDF is funded by a perpetual community tax attained from 10% of block rewards - derived from trading fees, inflation fees and any other protocol fees.

Some projects the CDF has funded include:

  • Automated SWTH airdrop system for new users from Ethereum

  • Hardware Upgrade of the NEO Economy Explorer Server and Explorer extensions

  • Python SDK

  • Rewrite of the Seraph mobile application in React Native

  • Proposal to Build a Connector which integrates Hummingbot with Carbon

  • Proposal to request for SWTH to airdrop to SWTH holders

For more information on how to format for a propsoal for a grant from the CDF, go here.

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