Protocol Fees


Protocol fees are generated in three ways:

Fee Types

This table contains an explanation on each type of fee:

Network Fees

Network fees are charged for each transaction on Carbon.

Here are the current network fees for each action:

  • Creating an order - Free

  • Withdrawing assets - Free (L1 or relayer fees apply separately)

  • Claiming staking rewards - 1 SWTH (per validator)

  • Committing or unlocking LP tokens - 30 SWTH

  • Claiming LP rewards - 30 SWTH (per pool)

  • Submitting a governance proposal - 1000 SWTH

  • Creating a liquidity pool - 1000 SWTH

  • Creating a market or token - 5000 SWTH

  • All other non-EVM transactions - 1 SWTH

  • EVM transactions - varies depending on EVM gas usage

For the most updated list of network fees, use this API endpoint.

Network fees for all transactions go towards block rewards.

👍 To encourage wide-spread adoption of Carbon, the protocol allows users to select a preferred token to use for network fees. Learn more here.

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