How To Redeem

Step-by-step guide to redeeming your rSWTH for SWTH on StaFiHub

The following instructions illustrate how to stake Carbon SWTH) tokens on StaFiHub to mint rSWTH tokens.

Redeem rSWTH

Step 1: Navigate to, and click on 'Redeem rSWTH'.

Step 2: Enter the amount of SWTH you wish to redeem in the initial field, and the Receiving Address in the second field.

Then, click on 'Unbond'.

Step 3: This will prompt a pop-up window to appear. Verify that the following information are correct:

  • Unbonded rSWTH Amount

  • Unbonding Commission Amount

  • Bridge Relay Fee

  • Unbonding Period

  • Amount of SWTH Receivable

Then, click on 'Unbond'.

Step 4: Verify and authorize the transaction that appears on the pop-up window. After the signature process is completed, the SWTH amount unbonding will be displayed on the 'Unbond' page.

Once the unbonding period is over, the user does not have to manually withdraw the SWTH tokens as they will be sent to the designated address automatically.

Congratulations, you have successfully redeemed your rSWTH for SWTH!

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