How To Redelegate SWTH

Step-by-step guide to redelegating your SWTH tokens

You can transfer your staked SWTH tokens from one validator to another at any time. Redelegating to another validator is instant.

The process for redelegating your SWTH on CarbonHub can be broken down into 3 different stages:

  1. Choose a validator you would like to redelegate to on CarbonHub.

  2. Enter the amount of SWTH tokens you want to redelegate.

  3. Continue earning rewards. You will receive rewards every second from your staked assets.

Note that:

  • When you transfer your staked SWTH tokens (redelegate) from one validator to another (via the 'transfer' button), your bond is switched immediately. You will continue receiving rewards.

  • Staked transfers can only be done ONCE per target validator every 30 days. This means that your staked SWTH tokens cannot be transferred from a new validator for 30 days after your last redelegation.

  • You will still incur slashing penalties if your previous validator has committed a fault within the 30 days.

  • There is a limit of 6 concurrent redelegations/undelegations per validator.


Step 1: Click on the 'Redelegate' button under 'Redelegation'. From the list of validators, select one or more validator(s) you would like to redelegate your staked SWTH to.

Step 2: Enter the preferred amount of staked SWTH you would like to redelegate to your validator of choice. Note that the action of redelegating is instant.

Step 3: Your staked SWTH amount has been successfully redelegated!

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