Add Carbon to MetaMask

Connect and interact with Carbon via MetaMask

Connecting MetaMask directly to the Carbon Mainnet opens up new opportunities for DeFi and dApp integrations across major blockchain networks.

Configuring the Wallet

Step 1: To get started, open your MetaMask wallet and navigate to the 'Settings' menu.

Step 2: From here, locate the 'Networks' menu and select the 'Add Network' option to open MetaMask’s network configuration page in a new tab.

Step 3: Select 'Add a network manually' at the bottom of this page. You will then be prompted to fill out a number of fields to add the network.

Step 4: Enter the information below and select 'Save' to connect your MetaMask wallet to the Carbon Mainnet or Testnet.

Carbon EVM Mainnet

  • Network name: Carbon EVM

  • New RPC URL:

  • Chain ID: 9790

  • Currency symbol: SWTH

  • Block Explorer URL: TBC

Carbon EVM Testnet

  • Network name: Carbon EVM Testnet

  • New RPC URL:

  • Chain ID: 9792

  • Currency symbol: SWTH

  • Block Explorer URL: TBC

Step 5: Once this is completed, you should notice that the network has been automatically set to Carbon network, and the units are denominated in SWTH.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully connected your MetaMask wallet to Carbon!

You can switch networks at any time using the option at the top of the MetaMask extension interface.

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