Public API Node Guide

Most node operators do not expose their API endpoints to the public.

However, if you wish to support the Carbon ecosystem in promoting greater decentralization, you may open the relevant ports for your node to the public, and list them on the following open-source Community API Nodes Listing:

By making your node available on this list, any dApp is able to advertise your node to users, giving them a broader selection of nodes to connect to as they interact with the protocol.

In the event of downtime by a specific node operator, users can then easily switch to other nodes and continue using Carbon dApps without interruption.

The Community API Nodes Listing is currently in use by Carbon dApps such as Demex and Carbonscan.

When submitting your node to the listing, ensure that your node meets the required hardware requirements, and the node's endpoints are properly configured, by following the documented prerequisites closely.

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