Referral Module

Rewarding community members for bringing in new users and driving growth

The referral module will enable dApps and user interfaces (UIs) built on the blockchain to attach a referral address to gain a percentage commission from trading fees.

Commissions are earned when the referral address has successfully generated a new lead for the dApp.

Kickback Mechanism

The kickback mechanism implemented enables referrers to assign a percentage of their trade referral rewards back. Specifically, fees paid by each taker order will have their referral commission (%) shared between the referral address and fee address. Likewise, fees earned by each maker order will have their referral commission (%) shared to the referral address as well.

Referral Programs

The referral module enables dApps or UIs (e.g. Demex) to implement referral programs. This means that the dApps or UIs will be able to track the referral and referee addresses and allocate referral rewards based on the current trader, or direct all referral rewards into a common shared pool that is owned by the governance DAO or token of the dApp or UI.

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