How To Structure CIPs

Guidelines and best practices for crafting effective and comprehensive governance proposals

When creating a governance proposal, you are highly recommended to craft your proposal using the following format, so that all voters have a clear understanding on what you want them to vote on.


Give a brief overview of your proposal containing the key details such as:

  • Who is submitting the proposal?

  • What your proposal aims to implement or improve?


Describe the problem you are solving and the limitations it is causing or the value this proposal will create:

  • Describe the impact of these current limitations on Carbon, or the improvements it will make should this proposal pass.

  • Support it with information and evidence

  • Describe and elaborate on your solution

    • Analyze how and why implementing your proposal will resolve the problem

    • Talk about how your solution will be implemented

  • Discuss who exactly will benefit from this proposal (e.g. Carbon, stakeholders)

  • Define key deliverables and specifications (where relevant)

  • Define a timeline (where relevant)

Risk & Benefits

  • Discuss the potential drawbacks of your proposal and any potential mitigations

  • Discuss any auxiliary benefits that may arise from implementing the proposal

Supplementary Material

  • Add supporting information to strengthen your proposal such as models, graphs, 3rd-party research etc.

  • If you are submitting the proposal on-chain, remember to link the forum post!

Once you have submitted your proposal on-chain, you will not be able to amend it; Do ensure that your proposal is formatted correctly and has all the necessary information before submission.

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