Alliance Assets πŸ†•

Interchain staking for mutual economic partnerships

Staking an Alliance asset on Carbon is as seamless as staking SWTH; Delegators can stake, unstake, redelegate, or earn rewards with an Alliance asset just like they can when staking SWTH.

Users can stake the following Alliance assets on Carbon to start earning rewards.

Alliance AssetSupported

Eris Amplified Luna (ampLUNA)


Stride Staked Luna (stLUNA)


Eris Amplified Whale (ampWHALE)


BackBone Labs Whale (bWHALE)


Real Yield USD (YieldUSD)


Real Yield ETH (YieldETH)


Cross-Chain Staking

To learn more cross-chain staking on Carbon, please refer to the following information:


Rewards are determined by two parameters.

  • Reward Weight: The proportion of total staking rewards to be directed to stakers of the asset

  • Take Rate: A tax that redistributes a percentage of the Alliance asset to stakers

The specifications for Alliance assets on Carbon are outlined as follows:

Alliance AssetReward WeightTake Rate

Eris Amplified Luna (ampLUNA)



Stride Staked Luna (stLUNA)




Carbon has three stakeable assets: SWTH, ampLUNA and stLUNA.

SWTH will always maintain a reward weight of 1.

From the equation above,

98%=11+0.01+0.0198 \% = \frac{1}{1+0.01+0.01}

SWTH will receive ~98% of the total consensus rewards.

0.98%=0.011+0.01+0.010.98 \% = \frac{0.01}{1+0.01+0.01}

ampLUNA and stLUNA will each receive ~0.98% of the total consensus rewards.

Reward Weight

To preserve the role of SWTH and prevent the power dilution of SWTH, each Alliance asset added to Carbon is given a RewardWeight.

Reward Weight determines the amount of staking rewards a staked Alliance asset on Carbon will generate in proportion to SWTH.

Assetrewardpower=AssetrewardweightSumofallstakingassetweightsAsset\hspace{0.1cm} reward\hspace{0.1cm} power = \frac{Asset \hspace{0.1cm}reward \hspace{0.1cm}weight\hspace{0.1cm} }{Sum \hspace{0.1cm}of\hspace{0.1cm} all\hspace{0.1cm}staking\hspace{0.1cm}asset\hspace{0.1cm}weights}

More details soon.

Reward Delay Time​

In addition to the RewardWeight parameter, Alliances assets are subject to a RewardDelayTime. This module parameter defines the amount of time users have to stake their new Alliance assets before the consensus power of the Alliance asset is applied to the chain. This delay prevents early stakers from gaining outsized rewards with a relatively small total stake of a new Alliance asset.

On Carbon, the setting for this parameter is three days.

When a new Alliance asset is whitelisted on Carbon, the RewardDelayTime period begins, and users must wait until the end of the period to start earning rewards.

Learn more here.

Take Rate​

In addition to the native Carbon block rewards, the Alliance module introduces another source of rewards, called the Take Rate.

The Take Rate is an annualized tax specific to each Alliance asset. It is periodically applied to a staked Alliance asset, and the generated revenue is distributed among all stakers. As the Take Rate is a tax applied on Alliance assets, rewards from the Take Rate are denominated in whatever Alliance asset they came from.

Learn more here.

Take Rate rewards can add diversity to a staker’s wallet, strengthening their position against volatility while encouraging the exploration of other chains.

To ensure a balanced and mutually beneficial environment, Carbon implements a tax rate of 0.3% aimed at maintaining delta-neutrality and fostering liquidity across ecosystems.​

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