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Carbon testnets allow application developers to test and develop their applications without incurring any real-world cost. It also provides operators intending to run a validator with a risk-free environment to practice installing and running their nodes.
There are several active testnets that run concurrently. The primary Carbon testnet (carbon-testnet-42069) should be used for most purposes.
Please note that testnets may be reset or deprecated periodically.

Setting Up

Setting up a new node to join a Carbon testnet is quick and easy. The following GitHub repository provides a detailed explanation on how to get started:

Getting Testnet Tokens

Before you can begin developing on Carbon, you'll need to have some testnet Carbon ($SWTH) tokens.
You can obtain them from the faucet here.
Step 1: Click on the default POST / section to expand it:
Step 2: Once expanded click on the "Try it out" button.
Step 3: In the Edit Value section of the body field, change both the address and coins parameter of the request to your tswth address and required token (max 10,000 SWTH 1000000000000swth).
Example: { "address": "tswth164wzv8ug9g09jhsqhwy9gm04cwplhd6swk3kdv", "coins": [ "10000000000swth" ] }
Step 4: Hit the Execute button.
You should receive testnet tokens at your address momentarily!
If you encounter any issues, reach out to the Carbon devs on Discord or Telegram.