SWTH Liquidity Pools

Contribute liquidity to SWTH pools and earn rewards

As the native governance token of Carbon, SWTH exists on different chains to open up the protocol to other blockchain ecosystems, enabling liquidity from external networks to flow into Carbon's ecosystem.

With SWTH, anyone can be a liquidity provider on Carbon or external networks to earn from trading fees and additional farming incentives.

Get SWTH on CarbonHub.

Native Liquidity Pools

Liquidity pool rewards were first introduced to Carbon in the V1.9.0 software upgrade to bootstrap initial liquidity on Carbon's native liquidity pools. Users can earn from SWTH liquidity pools on Demex in 2 ways:

  1. Maker rebates: Liquidity providers earn a cut of all trading fees (0.05-0.10%) from the pool.

  2. Liquidity pool rewards: By committing LP tokens (max 30 days), liquidity providers can earn additional liquidity rewards obtained from Carbon's block rewards. Find out more here.

Get started on liquidity pooling on Demex here.

External Liquidity Pools

SWTH is available on the external chains and exchanges below:

For some exchanges, by contributing to the corresponding pools, liquidity providers can earn a cut of trading fees and additional farming rewards from the pools.

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