The community, fully empowered


Carbon is a fully decentralized, community-driven development where SWTH stakers are empowered to drive growth of the protocol without needing to use a central authority.

Every aspect of Carbon will be decentralized and fall under the purview of governance. This is possible as Carbon is built on Cosmos-SDK which allows parameters and code to be fine tuned or quickly upgraded through governance, rather than through upgradeable contracts, multi-sigs, or complex voting contracts.


If you hold SWTH, you can temporarily lock them up via a mechanism calling Staking. By staking SWTH, you will then be able to vote on Carbon governance proposals.

In exchange for locking your SWTH, you will also receive rewards in newly minted SWTH and a share of the protocol fees that are collected by the blockchain, in exchange for contributing to the security of the Carbon blockchain.


SWTH stakers are eligible to vote on governance proposals and each staker's voting weight is determined by the amount of SWTH staked.

If a staker does not exercise their vote, their voting power is proxied to the validator(s) that they are staked with. In essence, this means that stakers delegate their votes to their validators by default and will vote in the same way.

All stakers are encouraged to view and participate in the governance process and exercise their choice on every proposal rather than default their votes to their validators.

For more information on how to vote, click here.

Explore CarbonHub, where you can buy and stake SWTH, Carbon’s yield generating protocol token.

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