Bridge SWTH

Seamlessly transfer SWTH tokens between different blockchains for enhanced accessibility and utility

Users on Carbon can transfer their SWTH assets between supported chains on Carbonhub, which is a token-focused, one-stop, cross-chain dApp for any SWTH-related action.

Users can send funds directly across the supported chains, with only a single transaction required.

For the user guide on how to bridge SWTH across chains on Carbonhub, click here.


The Carbon bridge module is not constrained by any sovereign chains. Coming soon, users can bridge any tokens of their liking to their supported chain of choice.

This means that Ethereum and EVM compatible tokens can be transferred across the CarbonHub bridge to a Cosmos wallet and then onto other Cosmos wallets or DEXs (such as Demex or Osmosis). Cosmos-SDK based blockchains can similarly send tokens across the CarbonHub bridge to the Ethereum ecosystem, making them available for transfer or potentially trading on ETH DEXs such as Uniswap.

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